10 biggest stories of 2015

January 5, 2016 11:28 AM

10. Public Enemy No. 1: Martin Shkreli

A common complaint over after the 2008 economic credit collapse is that no major Wall Street figure went to jail.

In 2015, a ready-made villain appeared straight out of central casting. In another time Martin Shkreli may only have had 15 minutes of fame after purchasing a 62-year-old HIV drug and jacking up the price nearly 5,000% over night. However, we were in need of a villain and Shkreli, with a perfect sign of the times perp walk, filled the roll. Hillary Clinton and others expressed outrage and recommended price controls.

Shkreli went on television claiming that the company planned to introduce a better version of the drug, only to be called out by previous investors who said he made the same promises on a previous acquisition and never delivered. After agreeing to slash the drug price, Shrkeli refused to cooperate with federal investigators about his role in this controversy.

In December he was charged, in an unrelated matter, with securities fraud and running his companies “like a Ponzi scheme.”

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