WASDE report: Housekeeping changes

March 10, 2016 12:07 PM

Ted Seifried, Chief Market Strategist, Zaner.com, discusses the latest WASDE report. 

Domestic corn and wheat balance sheets remain mostly unchanged with minor changes in soybeans as expected. Housekeeping changes lead to a seed increase with a reduction in production. Going forward, keep an eye on South American weather for its harvest.


About the Author

Ted Seifried, Chief Market Strategist VP Agricultural Hedge Division Zaner Group,  specializes in agricultural hedging employing various strategies using futures, futures spreads, outright options and option combinations.  He believes it is paramount to be able to use different strategies to adapt to market conditions.  Ted works with large to mid size grain and livestock producers and end users in North, Central and South America. He can be reached at tseifried@zaner.com.