Silver rigging: The end is near!

June 2, 2017 12:35 PM

Ever since the early days of modern British central banking, there has been a routine practice of "fixing" the price of silver.

Because gold prices were tied to currency during the gold standard days, the banks knew that if they issued excessive amounts of credit without buying the gold to back it, the free market would meet that supply by raising the price of precious metals, specifically silver.

Higher silver prices would usher in "paper games," which are nothing new—bankers have been cheating the gold standard since the days of Kubla Khan.

That's why all fund managers are attracted to safe havens today. In crisis times, you can make a fortune from staying protected.


From the instant the global economy turned to a purely fiat system with no tangible assets backing national currencies, the prices of both precious metals soared. It is the market's way of correcting the over-inflated quantity of currency units.

By 1980, gold had briefly risen to a price where it covered 100% of USD money supply. What required $850 per ounce back then now demands a price tag of over $14,000 per ounce.

On a global basis, we're looking at a price in the neighborhood of $23,000 per ounce.

As it stands today, gold merely covers 7% of it.

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