CFTC Money Mangers Position Defensively in JPY, Gold, CAD

July 16, 2019 10:00 AM
CFTC COT Report for July 9, 2019
Watching For Overcrowded Trades in Cotton and Copper
VIP Futures Longs: Corn, Beans, Gold, JPY, CAD, Cocoa
CFTC COT Large Hedge Fund and Money Managers Futures Positions

CFTC COT Large Hedge Fund and Money Managers Futures Positions

Big hedge funds and speculators increased bullish bets on Gold, Coffee, JPY/USD and CAD/USD futures. There has been interest by money managers to position in more defensive commodity based sectors as speculation of slowing Q3 US GDP.

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About the Commitment of Trader Report 

Although not perfect, the Commodity Futures Commission's weekly Commitment of Traders gives a snapshot view of how Leveraged Funds and Managed Money is positioned in US Futures and commodity markets. These are typically hedge funds, CTAs, CPOs and various types of money managers. 

The COT Report offers clues on how large traders were positioned the prior week. The data is delayed so traders need to supplement the COT Report with other money flow indicators and trading analytics. 


Snapshot of Hedge Funds and Money Managers Positions
July 9, 2019

CFTC COT US Futures Exchange Trading Positions

Are certain trades overcrowded?

Traders have been watching Cotton and Copper and Fixed Income futures for signs of a reversal. 

Long Futures Positions of Note:


Short Futures Positions of Note:



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