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April 1, 2020 10:00 AM
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Futures Magazine Sponsorship and Marketing For Futures Market Traders

Futures Magazine Sponsorship and Marketing For Futures Market Traders



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Futures Magazine is a leading publisher in futures and commodity trading and markets since 1972. Futures Magazine Website and Futures Magazine Weekly Newsletter delivers clear, practical, and straightforward market advice to nearly 250,000 traders each month.




Futures Magazine is a digital website and weekly newsletter specializing in coverage of the futures, commodity, and crypto markets. Futures Magazine writers and contributors have deep knowledge of the futures and commodity industry and trading strategies and tools needed to succeed in trading the financial markets.

Futures Magazine is not the mainstream financial market media company. This is useful since the mainstream market media tends to report on specialized asset classes, like futures and commodities, only after they have made a big move. The writers seem to be "in the know" and anticipate the big move.

Futures Magazine covers most futures and commodity sectors. They report frequently on grain markets, metals, softs, energy, currencies, crypto, fixed-income, and stock indexes. They also cover other hot topics like alternative data, fintech, and hedge funds. What a refreshing change from the mainstream media, which seems to think that oil and stocks and gold are the only commodities that exist.

Many of the top futures and commodity brokers and traders consider Futures Magazine to be a “must-read” to stay more informed on futures market trends, trade ideas, trading techniques, and insights.

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The website and Futures Magazine Weekly Newsletter focus on a few areas:

Market Analysis 
Futures Magazine covers different financial markets and economies of many different countries. Sometimes they will focus on a specific futures market sector or go broad and talk about macroeconomic trends.

Trading Strategies
Futures Magazine posts many articles on improving the trading strategy process.  They also report frequently on the mechanics of execution trading (entries, exits, profit targets, stop loss). They also have articles on volatility, tail risk, position-sizing, risk management, money management techniques, and the mental side of trading.

Futures and Commodity News 
A refreshing and insightful view on stories in the futures and commodity industry. News related to regulations, futures exchanges, hedge fund returns, and key people in the industry.

Trading Tactics and Trade Ideas
Articles show traders new trading tactics and trade ideas. The writers don’t have a problem giving trade ideas or views on markets. They do reference money management techniques and how to construct proper profit targets and stop losses for trades. Articles tend to be easy to understand for both beginners and seasoned professional traders.

Trading Tools 
Futures Magazine reviews new trading technology, trading software programs, stock and futures brokers, and research for traders. They only write articles on products they actively use in trading or think can benefit traders.

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Futures Magazine is a premier resource for trading insights and trade ideas. The magazine publishes articles daily on stocks, futures , commodities, options, forex and crypto.