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In an age of position limits, we discuss what constitutes “market manipulation."
Brazil finally seems to be feeling the financial malaise the rest of the world has experienced since 2008. Here’s what you need to know.

From the day it was launched in 2007, the Global Financial Centres Index has ranked London as the risk-management capital of the world — a distinction the city achieved in part because the

Although it was built on good intentions and a willingness to overlook troubling details, those factors may be coming back to bite the European Union.
The exponential growth of data is challenging our ability to process it effectively to exploit what it contains.
The swaps market likely will follow the same path the repo market took 15 years ago
Although critics say high-frequency trading is giving markets too much of a good thing, exchanges disagree.
Traders' View of the World: High-frequency trading has created a push-back to markets focused on efficiency. World leaders are looking to create resilient markets, and the two don’t always go together.
Despite economic and regulatory uncertainty, ETFs continued to grow in 2011 and ended the year with more than $1 trillion under management
Trading is hard enough as an individual trader, but CTAs have even more problems, as highlighted by the MF Global bankruptcy