Industry Trends

Although there is hope customers will be made whole, the damage is more extensive
Central depository for customer segregated funds could be the best solution to prevent another MF Global
An unintentional loss of connection to the CME Globex trading engine is called an “ungraceful disconnect"
As European markets lurched from crisis to crisis over the last year, regulators have gotten creative in their response
Bond markets are roiling, and both Eurex and CME have introduced new products
Although Asia hasn’t been thought of as a major commodity trading center, that may be changing
Do high-frequency traders disrupt markets or bring liquidity? The answer may be a little of both
After roundtables, Congressional hearings and comment letters, there still is no consensus on spec limits
A tightening of the Federal Reserve’s ultra-easy monetary policy is drawing nearer, but that doesn’t mean it is close
A year after its passage, OTC market regulations still have a long way to go