Industry Trends

Financial reform was signed into law six months ago and regulators have been busy moving it from theory to a rules-based structure. Now, hopes and reality are starting to clash as challenges arise for all participants
Social media is being integrated into business. Here’s what traders need to know about this new medium
If regulators sign off on Deutsche Börse’s takeover of NYSE.Euronext, Europe will have a megalithic futures exchange to rival the CME Group. The European Commission, however, isn’t likely to let that happen without extracting certain conditions
Between regulatory changes and market mergers, the trader’s world is changing quickly
The United States has passed legislation overhauling its financial sector and the European Union is in the process of doing the same. Now the major players are doing everything they can to make those reforms work for them.
It took nearly two years after the collapse of investment bank Lehman Brothers — the defining moment of the credit crisis — before financial reform was passed and it may take another year to see the important details of how it is implemented.
Asia’s most exciting futures markets are in China and India, but the most free and open financial centers are Hong Kong and Singapore. Both, however, have tended to focus on equities and shun futures — until now
High frequency trading is growing at a rapid pace and has some market participants crying foul.
A guide to ETFs, ETNs and ETVs.
ETFs benefited from market liquidity in 2009.