Industry Trends

It’s been five years since the EU launched emissions trading, and now it’s the fastest-growing market on the planet. Here’s how it works.
Being left behind in the Asian boom is not in Japan’s nature, so bringing down some walls could boost volumes as well as modernize this ancient land.
The May 6 flash crash has created a firestorm of criticism against so-called high-frequency traders and direct access algorithms, but the real debate for brokers and exchanges is balancing the need for speed and safety.
EDHEC released a study on conclusions on CFTC data on speculation in the energy markets.
Changes in speculative position limits on energy futures markets are not supported by evidence from 2008's wild markets.
Our annual review of the futures industry for 2009.
The credit crisis, which peaked in 2008, produced an economic downturn unseen since the Great Depression. Whether looking at the housing bust, too big to fail institutions or the recent “flash crash,” there has been a clarion call for reform.
For traders, preparation will be essential to surviving the new regulatory world order.
Volume figures for commodities, stocks and options.
Legislation is expected to emerge in September providing a regulatory framework for a U.S. cap-and-trade scheme that promises to be the world’s largest. Trading opportunities, however, already exist in the U.S. and abroad.