Industry Trends

The European Commission formally adopted its long anticipated plan for coordinating European markets.
A map of the global trading network.
While the ESRC is proposed as a new regulator with unprecedented powers and reach, the European System of Financial Supervisors is designed to promote coordination among existing regulators, and is
“There is a growing recognition that the dispersion of credit risk by banks to a broader and more diverse group of investors, rather than warehousing such risk on their balance sheets, has helped
As regulators in the United States and Europe put pressure on broker-dealers to clear their OTC business, some within the exchange community have worried that the business could be a short-term
Alex Lamb, senior vice president in charge of development and marketing at RTS, says he’s scrambling to keep up with demand for beefed up connectivity between U.S. brokers and exchanges in Mexico,
Citing reckless management and a clause in the nation’s constitution, South Korea’s finance ministry has effectively nationalized the Korea Stock Exchange by categorizing it as a public institution.
Options on Kospi 200 stock index futures launched in 1997, long before the CME started trading E-mini S&P 500 contracts. Initially dismissed for their small size, the contracts have been praised as
Equity markets experienced a historic downturn in January 2008, which never really relented. Most hedge fund strategies ended the year in the red and even the long commodity bull market reversed
With the global equity and commodity markets in turmoil, U.S. government securities have offered a safe haven for capital, drawing in more and more domestic and non-U.S. buyers, who have pushed