Industry Trends

Mr. JOHNSON (for himself, Mr. H. SIMPSON, Mrs. M. SIMPSON, Ms. L. SIMPSON, and Mr. B. SIMPSON) , all of Springfield, introduced the following bill; which was read twice and referred to the recycle
If you go back 150 years, Calcutta, India was more advanced than Chicago,” says George Ferguson, who 30 years ago founded an import/export business called Chicago Midwest in part to spread the
“There were like 15 or 20 guys who would come in every day to trade,” he recalls. “Behind you, there was a whole bank of brokers, so you could talk to the person next to you and if you had a question
Economist Walter ”John” Williams has been following economic reports for more than 25 years. He knows how they are calculated and has seen changes in the government’s methodology for calculating them
On April 15, as Americans were scrambling to get their tax returns in the mail, an op-ed letter written by London Stock Exchange (LSE) boss Clara Furse appeared in the Financial Times, criticizing
One of the biggest stories in clearing and settlement last year was the impact on the European Climate Exchange (ECX) of ICE's decision to leave LCH.Clearnet and start up its own clearinghouse,
Chicago is home to several other very innovative exchanges, including OneChicago LLC, the U.S. Futures Exchange, the Chicago Stock Exchange and the Chicago Climate Exchange. OneChicago is an
Chicagoans jokingly refer to their hometown as America’s second city, but that sort of self deprecation is probably more the norm outside the exchange space. For 160 years Chicago has been the center
When CBOT members wrote the bylaws for Chicago Board Options Exchange (CBOE), they did not explicitly give themselves ownership over the fledgling exchange. In an effort to avoid regulation by the
In the early 1790s, after passage of the Constitution, the newly organized government of the United States of America turned its attention to monetary issues. Alexander Hamilton, secretary of the