Britain's plan to free Royal Bank of Scotland from an obligation to sell more than 300 branches risks a clash with the European Commission weeks before the government is due to start formal talks to leave the trading bloc.

The Chinese government agency tasked with buying stocks to prop up China's wobbling markets is seeking an additional 2 trillion

Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras said on Wednesday that Greece was close to concluding a deal with lenders on a multi-billion-euro bailout, which he said would end doubts over its place in the euro zo

Greek Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras said on Wednesday he may have to call an early election to bolster a parliamentary majority that has been strained by bailout reforms demanded by creditors.

Greece's leftist government tried on Wednesday to contain a rebellion in Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras' Syriza party ahead of a vote in the evening on refor

The IMF is threatening to pull out of bailouts for Greece, leaving Germany in the balance and creating tension in the eurozone.
After Greece became the first developed nation to miss a payment to the International Monetary Fund, it seems that after 24 hours of economic collapse Greece now says it is now ready to accept the bailout conditions it previously rejected. Though it may be too late as the total recklessness and arrogance of Greek Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras has caused damage and pain to the people of Greece that easily could be avoided.
Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras has told international creditors Greece could accept their bailout offer if some conditions were changed, but Germany said it could not negotiate while Greece was headed for a referendum on the aid-for-reforms deal.

Today’s AM LBMA Gold Price was $1,211.00, €1,083.45 and £772.96 per ounce. Yesterday’s AM LBMA Gold Price was $1,209.60, €1,084.36 and €772.60 per ounce.

The largest banks in Germany and Spain are failing the Fed's stress tests, which means leading banks might collapse in a financial crisis.