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President-elect Donald Trump will last no more than four years in the White House, a period when corporations and the financial market will retain the upper hand over the struggling workers who helped elect him in a populist wave, bond manager Bill Gross of Janus Capital Group Inc said on Wednesday.
Global central bank policy makers have turned world financial markets into a casino, thanks to their unprecedented monetary policies, warned bond investor Bill Gross of Janus Capital Group on Tuesday.

So what part of the title do you want to hear first? Well, I'm just funnin' you on the latter, but finding your golf game at 72? Well, that's serious business and nothing to joke about.

Bond investor Bill Gross ramped up his criticism of the Federal Reserve today, characterizing chair Janet Yellen and her predecessors and contemporaries at other central banks of mastering "the art of market manipulation."
The next big monetary and fiscal policy move should include an airdrop of "money from helicopters" to stimulate the U.S. economy and avoid an extended recession, says Bill Gross, a portfolio manager at Janus Capital Group Inc.
A respected reporter recently asked me what were a few important things I had learned from all this and all of that during the past decade and I surprised myself and perhaps him by answering that I now realized that younger generations – the Xers and Millenials – were far different generations from my own. “How so?” he asked.
So there it is…Deadspin explains that an NFL lobbyist joined the Bush White House and worked on crafting the 2006 Internet gambling law and how it would be enforced.
Bill Gross, the prominent bond investor, has sued his former employer Pacific Investment Management Co and its parent Allianz SE for $200 million, claiming that he was wrongfully ousted by a "cabal" of executives who wanted his share of the bonus pool.

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Bond investing guru Bill Gross on Tuesday warned investors and markets that mutual funds, hedge funds and exchange-traded funds are most vulnerable when liquidity becomes scarce.