Let’s face the facts here: It’s easy to blame the market and commiserate with other traders, but it’s a lot harder to think for yourself and look for the silver lining after a bad trade.
A profit is a profit, so there’s no wrong way to take yours. That said, there’s a difference in opinion when it comes to how to take them.
Learn how retail brokers and direct access brokers compare in the 6 most important categories and how traders can make the most fitting brokerage decisions based on their personal trading style.
Over the last couple decades, trading has gone from a select few traders in Chicago and New York to being accessible to nearly everyone. With accessibility comes advertising.
Obama presses new rule for broker advice on retirement investments.
On Feb. 3, 2015, the SEC's Office of Compliance Inspections and Examinations issued a Risk Alert providing summary observations derived from the staff's sweep examinations of more than 100 registered broker-dealers and investment advisers that were undertaken to assess the cybersecurity practices and preparedness of such firms.
It’s ironic that I’m writing this on the day the insurance study commissioned by the industry after the MF Global and PFG blow ups was released. Ironic because if implemented in some form, it would mean more costs and more rules for futures commission merchants (FCMs) and probably their customers.
December Editor's Note from Ginger Szala.
After years of dealing with low interest rates, new regulations and rebuilding client confidence, futures commission merchants are ready to break out and start doing what they do best: Executing trades and hopefully making money.
TABB Group's study of FCMs finds a rosier picture with growth due to new swaps business and renewed volatility in interest rates.