Oz Management is a global, diversified alternative asset management firm performance is up 11% year-to-date in the flagship Oz Master Fund.
U.S. Global Investors, Inc. is pleased to announce positive recognition for its funds by Morningstar.
U.S. President-elect Donald Trump's plans to slash taxes could threaten the country's triple-A credit rating over the medium term, the head of EMEA sovereign ratings at the Fitch agency said on Thursday.
European showdown is causing market unrest in stocks, treasuries, currency, and commodities.
Gold is losing momentum as investors move to other goods and options.
Standard & Poor's cut credit ratings for six European banks.
After Greece retreated from its call for a debt writedown, stocks climbed in Europe, bonds rallied, oil gained, and the ruble surprised us.
What can the ECB gain from implementing QE?

U.S. stocks fell, while bonds rallied around the world as a deepening commodities rout and an unexpected drop in American retail sales fueled concern growth is slowing.

This article was written by Nathan Crooks of Bloomberg News,