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The London property market is being increasingly recognized as a bubble and now even leading international banks are warning that the bubble may be set to burst.

CFTC will lay out requirements for testing and supervising automated algorithms to ensure they can be stopped in emergencies.

As contagion from China's stock market rout spreads to Hong Kong, the local bourse's long-touted strategy to help Ch

Chinese annual gold consumption could double to over 2,000 tons within the next two to three years.
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After allegations of helping clients evade taxes, HSBC toned down 150th anniversary celebrations.

Today’s AM fix was $1,220.00, €1,073.66 and £785.58 per ounce.
Yesterday’s AM fix was $1,206.50, €1,062.06 and £777.99 per ounce.

Chinese imports recovered in January thanks to demand brought on by Lunar New Year.
The Chinese net gold imports from Hong Kong in 2014 declined sharply from the record highs posted in 2013.
CME Group and its peers are trying to establish new price benchmarks in Hong Kong.