Bond investing guru Bill Gross on Tuesday warned investors and markets that mutual funds, hedge funds and exchange-traded funds are most vulnerable when liquidity becomes scarce.

Speaking of liquidity, whether it be in surplus in a Laguna Beach shower, or an extreme deficit in the State of California, current concerns in the financial markets center around the absence of liquidity and the effect it might have on future market prices.
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The London Metal Exchange (LME) has announced plans to enhance participation and liquidity on its electronic platform, LMEselect.

The authors state that they want to get away from the debate over whether high frequency trading is good or evil, but the underlying theme is that HFT is damaging the markets.
Global regulators diluted a planned debt limit for banks amid warnings that the measure would penalize low-risk financial activities.
Singapore Exchange Ltd. wants to lure more high-speed traders onto its stock market to battle lower volume.
Tight supplies and high gold premiums also mean "Scrap [supply] is increasing every day," says Haresh Soni, chairman of All India Gems & Jewellery Trade Federation, because "people are reselling jewellery" as well as gold bars and coins.
While the weekend’s impending illiquidity could be blamed for inhibiting new bears, the drop might have been exaggerated by sellers acting prematurely.
Investors are reviving credit derivatives trades they used to boost returns before the financial crisis.