Gold/Jim Rickards: Russia just bought 22 tonnes of gold in May. Brings total reserves to 1,700 tonnes. No news on how much bitcoin they bought. My guess
U.S. stock exchanges should not attempt to buy Deutsche Boerse, the German exchange whose bid to merge with its London counterpart has just collapsed, a senior German politician said on Thursday.
Sterling fell only briefly on Wednesday after an assailant stabbed a policeman and was shot by police just outside Britain's parliament building in London in what police described as a "terrorist incident".

Up to 10 percent of jobs in London's financial district may be lost if Britain fails to secure adequate access to European Union markets after Brexit, a City of London official said on Wednesday.

The dollar gained ground against the yen on Tuesday after a roller-coaster 24 hours which traders say may just be a precursor to three weeks of risk-packed events for the $5 trillion a day currency market.
Regulators have yet to get a firm handle on the world's $35 trillion shadow banking sector with supervision and data gathering still too patchy for spotting risks properly, the global Financial Stability Board said on Wednesday.
Gold bullion is a “long term insurance policy” according to James Steel, chief commodities analyst at HSBC, who spoke with Tom Keene about what’s driving gold markets on “Bloomberg Surveillance” yesterday.
Britain's capital markets would probably face the same degree of regulation even if voters opt leave the European Union in a referendum in June this year, banking lobby group ICMA said.
Our primary concern has long been that the market becomes transparent and the fundamentals of physical supply and demand ultimately determine the price. At present, London Bullion Market Association or LBMA trading involves the buying and selling of unallocated gold contracts largely amongst bullion banks and other LBMA members.
Duco, a London-based FinTech provider of hosted reconciliation services, today announced the establishment of its European regional headquarters in Luxembourg.