Platinum has been ignored for too long. Future demand will drive platinum back towards $2,000. It’s been there before; it won’t be that hard to get back.
A new 2018 forecast for gold, silver, platinum, palladium...
Although everyone agrees that the electric revolution is looming, there is no consensus about the pace and the detailed form of the upcoming shifts in the automotive industry.
The gloomy future of the diesel vehicles is commonly known. However, what does it really mean? And how could the demise of diesel technology impact the precious metals market?
In the previous sections of this edition of the Market Overview, we presented the demand and supply outlook for platinum and palladium. In that part, we would like to analyze the potential benefits of adding these precious metals into the investment portfolio.
China's Net-Gold Imports Via Hong Kong More Than Doubles in March/The Daily Coin.
Mid-week metals market report
The Tokyo Commodity Exchange Inc., announced today the launch of the Platinum Rolling Spot Futures contract. On the first trade date, a total of 21,606 contracts were traded.
The S&P 500 futures found a decent support/target area in the mid 2120's and have reversed higher this morning, but nothing significant.
The gold-to-silver ratio is the most popular ratio among the precious metals. However, we can also link gold prices to platinum prices. Mathematically, the gold-to-platinum ratio is the price of gold divided by the price of platinum.