Ethan Park of Extract Capital could teach a college graduate-level course on the differences between phosphate and potash. Park's basic advice to The Energy Report: Don't miss out on making money with these essential commodities just because they smell like, well, fertilizer.
Companies are learning the hard way that they have to have a social license to operate, as well as address the increasingly long list of permitting and environmental hurdles
Western Potash Corp. just confirmed that it indeed owns a significant portion of the world-class KP405 potash deposit, which is jointly operated by Rio Tinto Plc and North Atlantic Potash Inc.
Western Potash indeed owns a significant portion of the world class KP405 mine.
The world’s largest producer of potash will have Jochen Tilk as its next CEO.
The world’s largest potash producer agreed to supply the soil nutrient to India at a price that’s 25% lower than last year.
The vaulting ambition of Rio Tinto to become a global potash producing powerhouse has been thrown an unexpected curveball.
K+S AG says prices for the crop nutrient and some salts remain lower. The stock fell the most in six months.
Brazil’s only potash producer threatened to sell its Carnalita fertilizer project if the local governments can’t settle a dispute over how the venture will be taxed.