Let’s face the facts here: It’s easy to blame the market and commiserate with other traders, but it’s a lot harder to think for yourself and look for the silver lining after a bad trade.
A profit is a profit, so there’s no wrong way to take yours. That said, there’s a difference in opinion when it comes to how to take them.
With a profitable trade should a trader let his profits run, or should a trader cut and run? When are tape reading techniques appropriate to massage trends to create additional profits? These are the problems and questions a trader wants.
Apple stock (AAPL) was on the move Wednesday morning after the company reported the single-largest annual profit report in corporate history. The technology giant and maker of the iPhone announced it had made $53.4 billion over the last 12 months.

McDonald's Corp is developing a new turnaround plan to improve sales and profits as the company struggles to regain its footing in the highly comp

Bank of America's Q1 profit narrowly beat estimates, thanks to lower legal costs and more from lending and investment.

Corporate America's profit engine may be running out of steam.

Deutsche Bank AG, Germany’s biggest bank, said this year will be challenging after a surge in legal costs and lower debt trading revenue spurred a surprise fourth-quarter loss. The shares slumped.
U.S. stocks fluctuated, after the Standard & Poor’s 500 Index fell from a record, as investors assessed corporate earnings and stimulus prospects. The dollar rose to a four-month high and European shares closed at a six- year best.
U.S. stocks fell, with the Standard & Poor’s 500 Index retreating from a record, as financial earnings disappointed investors. Treasuries climbed, nickel advanced a fifth day and emerging-market shares slid.