I usually wouldn’t pay attention to stuff like this. I take it as negotiating bluster. But the world is changing and suddenly we have a time window change of direction where precious metals are suddenly strong and the Greenback can’t seem to right the ship. Sometimes big things develop out of little beginnings.
We are coming to the next phase of the divergence. I woke up this morning, turned on the box and first commentator I saw said we’ve started the next leg up in the bull market. Some of these people take it for granted the market is going up again. Has anyone noticed the Dow and SPX peaked in January?

Stock markets rebounded solidly from their lows of Feb. 11, 2016, making new multi-month highs, earlier last week.

This 24-hour moving chart gives you the ultimate view of the current stock market trend and overbought/oversold levels. I use simple moving averages to gauge trend and how far price is from a mean average price for a visual of how far the market is overbought or oversold.
The rally continues and we are getting to the most important sequence of the entire year.
Another week and the rally continues. I suppose this is getting boring.

The week ending Feb. 12, 2016 was not for the "faint of heart."

The business media is calling the first two weeks of January the worst performance to start a year in stock market history.

I would like to see the seven year cycle low complete its mission and at least test the 200-week moving average.
Today's chart of the day is S&P 500 Stock Index.