This strategy that allows banks to add to their bottom line without inducing duration risk is also appropriate for money managers.

Below is the text of a speech  CFTC Chairman Timothy Massad delivered to the Commodities Markets Counsel on Feb.1


Washington, DC — The U.S.

TradingScreen, the leading independent provider of liquidity, trading, and investment technology via SaaS, today announced the addition of Eris Exchange as a destination. Buy-side trading participants can now access margin efficient Eris Swap Futures traded on Eris SwapBookTM through TradingScreen’s suite of offerings.
Chicago-based trading software provider Trading Technologies hosted its TT Tech Tap Live event Tuesday afternoon with Eris Exchange to dicsussed its U.S. dollar-denominated interest rate swap futures contract.
Opening statement of Chairman Timothy G. Massad, open meeting on proposed rule on margin requirements for uncleared swaps and final rule on utility special entities
Although tempting, Commitments of Traders data are better left aside as a directional indicator for the swap-driven Eurodollar futures market.
“By hedging now, companies are assured of protection if rates spike sooner than widely expected, while bearing only minimal cost.”
FIA developed this report to provide the public with a better understanding of these new venues for the trading of over-the-counter derivatives