Trading 101

Even if you do everything right in your first few trades and make money, you still have to pay the bills. Just like every business, trading has costs. Here are some to be aware of before you make your first trade.
Cattle and hogs offer opportunities for traders that are unique from those available in other markets. Here’s a breakdown of supply and demand factors that drive livestock prices.
Whether it is because of the smaller exposure they afford or the finer tuning of risk management they provide, mini and micro contracts have proven to be popular with both novice and experienced traders.
The grain markets are affected by several factors. Knowing what matters is key.
Since their introduction 20 years ago, ETPs have grown in popularity and diversity. Here’s a look at why they have become a trader favorite.
With 2013 about to begin, we focus on simple ways to improve your bottom line. Here are five suggestions on where to start.
Could you have seen MF Global coming? Here are red flags to watch going forward.
Every trader needs to have contingencies in place for trading errors