It’s a busy time of the month for central bankers, and the BOJ will be the first major central bank to draw traders’ attention this week.

Crude oil

USDJPY continued to fell further following the 5 wave projected pattern to new lows.

USD/JPY is again weakening.

Technical Developments:

After Friday’s not-as-bad-as-it-appeared NFP report, traders were optimistic that we woul

It was another day of market mayhem in China, where the benchmark Shanghai Composite fell by more than 6%.
Market sentiment has stabilized after yesterday’s China-induced panic, but traders remain on edge ahead of the year’s second U.S. trading session.


After a broad-based dip at the start of the U.S. session, the greenback has come storming back over the last few hours. Naturally, this has caused the earlier bounce in EUR/USD to fade, though USD/JPY hasn’t seen much a corresponding rally.