Greece needs to implement reforms, or its time in the euro is going to run out soon.

Gold rose 12% against the euro in 2014 and so far in 2015, gold has risen a further 11% versus the euro.

Stephen Kirkland is a reporter with Bloomberg News. 

Mark Gilbert explains why the standoff between Greece and its creditors have left us at "one minute to midnight" for the euro.
Gold's on it's longest run of advances in six weeks amidst ongoing Greek uncertainty.
European showdown is causing market unrest in stocks, treasuries, currency, and commodities.
The Eurogroup is meeting today to discuss the ever-problematic Greece, and though a deal is still possible, optimism is fading quickly.
Greece and its creditors are holding an emergency meeting to figure out bailout conditions, but Europe isn't pleased.
ECB's Thursday shocker surged gold and caused everything Greek to tumble.