Goldbugs in 2013 – the big data

January 30, 2014 06:55 AM

2013 was a historical year for both the gold bullion market and the fight for sound money. Not only did the gold price fail to rise for the first time in twelve years but a new currency took centre stage – bitcoin.

Our readers and clients were there every step of the way letting us what they thought of the major events and decisions surrounding the gold market and the debates on what money really is.

The mainstream was quick to dismiss both gold and bitcoin, however we wanted to find out how our readers, community members and clients really felt about two of the most significant events in the sound money industry to happen for some time.

Did you short gold? Or did you see the 28% drop as an extended opportunity to buy gold? What about bitcoin – was it a bubble or the contender fiat currency has been waiting for? Our readers told us in their thousands.

And whilst the mainstream merely noted the drop in gold prices, gold investors and commentators had far more exciting things to note. Namely Germany’s announcement to repatriate its gold, how sustainable COMEX now is and how much of their portfolio investors allocate to physical gold. It was these areas that we also wanted to know your thoughts on.

And boy did you tell us. Not only did you provide us with some fantastic results but you also managed to take us by surprise on every poll involving gold, silver and bitcoin.

But where we weren’t surprised was when it came to how you felt about easy monetary policy and central bankers. Unsurprisingly a large number of you feel worse off since the financial crisis and Bernanke was considered to be the most dangerous central banker, by far.

Read on to see the granular data from our polls, it will give you a great perspective on how long-term, sound money loving investors view the gold and currency worlds.

Thanks to all respondents for taking the time to complete our survey. All votes help to provide valuable insight into the sentiment in the gold and silver world, which in turn enables us to keep writing great research and provide you with the best opportunities to invest in gold and silver bullion.

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