Alternative thinking on hedge fund closures, Bill Ackman's blues, dating Martin Shkreli, hedge fund trends, and GM's big bet

January 5, 2016 11:41 AM

Billionaire investor William Ackman's Pershing Square hedge fund ended 2015 with a 20.5% loss after Valeant Pharmaceuticals, a top holding, has battered in the second half of the year

The numbers are in.

Reuters breaks the story this morning.

“He messaged me, and I played along, asking what he did for a living. “Martin” said: 'I’m that guy who has been in the news lately.'"

The Washington Post has officially jumped the shark…

This morning, columnist/actress Jacklyn Collier takes to the pages of one of the nation’s most prominent papers to write several hundred words…

“My Tinder date with ‘Pharma bro’ Martin Shkreli”

It’s a trip down the rabbit hole that is Shrkeli’s mind and social skills.

But it’s also a debilitating eye-roller – part mocking, part sympathizing, and in a few ways a bit too intrusive no matter who it is sitting across the table from her...

Simply put: When you have me feeling bad for Martin Shkreli for just a second, that should be a problem. And it’s tough to shake this one on an ethical level.

Going out with Martin Shkreli out of curiosity, as the writer puts it, is one thing.

But selling a write up about their conversation – I guess what matters, no matter how notorious someone is and how accessible – and in some ways vulnerable – is whether or not she actually asked him to be a subject of an interview. (This sentence brought to you by a Medill Ethics of Journalism class that sticks with me like a bad case of Catholic guilt.)

What’s even odder is that this isn’t the first time that a writer has used Tinder with Shkreli to get a story and coax a conversation, which was plastered all over the web shortly after – without disclosure. In fact, in that conversation, the writer constantly badgers him with questions about how “evil capitalism” is…

You know, pre-first date, getting-to-know-you sort of questions.

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