Ag hedge: Cattle — the trend line channel

July 19, 2016 09:59 AM

Fundamentally, as I spoke to some cattle clients over the past few days with the heat dome or the "death dome" approaching much of the Midwest this week, just keeping weights the same will be a victory.

I have added my favorite technical indicators to the charts below. I have coined them the "10/20/50/BB Trend Finder." They are the 10- (red line), 20- (green line, and the 50- (blue line) day simple moving averages (SMA). I have also added Bollinger Bands or BB's (light blue shaded area) and candlesticks (the red and green bars with the candle stick wicks, and on this daily chart each bar represents one day of trading). 

But more importantly, on the daily cattle chart above, I have drawn two level lines devising a trend line channel. This price channel has held resistance at the top level line and support at the bottom level line. Overall, it is a bearish technical outlook with lower highs and lower lows.

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