US Supreme Court scales back the SEC

June 6, 2017 10:51 AM
Exchange Shorts

CBOE: C2 is planned to migrate to Bats technology on 14-May-2018. Beginning in November, C2 trading permit holders may begin basic connectivity testing, and in December, begin certification.

CBOE: BATS Europe will launch 18 new regional European benchmark indices, which include the Bats Eurozone 50, Bats Nordic 40 and Bats Europe All Companies.

London Stock Exchange (LSE) purchased 48k shares at 3,488p per share, as part of its £200m repurchase program. Total purchases add 2.12m shares up to date.

BTL CEO Guy Halford-Thompson announced blockchain platform Interbit was put into production after succesful testing by European energy traders.

BSO, the global network provider, added Singapore and Hong Kong to its FX circuit. The new routes are built on top of BSO’s London-New York-Tokyo circuit and allow market makers to trade FX derivatives up to 10 milliseconds faster than previously.

SEC may reevaluate the use of rebates in the maker-taker model, according to FT.

U.S. Supreme Court scaled back the SEC's power to recover profits obtained after misconduct.

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