31 Moments & Minds that Made the Markets

December 15, 2017 01:49 PM

11. The Captain Louis Renault Award: Donna Brazile
2017 was the year that “we were all born yesterday.” All year, the media and our elites were shocked, shocked to find out that there was gambling going on in a casino. Hollywood has long had a culture of casting couches, sexual harassment, and abuse of power… the media was shocked by Ronan Farrow’s reporting. Foreign powers attempt to influence the elections of their rivals? What? The wealthiest people in the world like Bono have been hiding money offshore? Say it isn’t so! But there was no bigger attempt to express “shock” than the news from Donna Brazile who wrote in her book that she was shocked - shocked to find out that the Democratic National Committee had rigged the election process to ensure that Hillary Clinton was their candidate. Brazile backed off that she ever said or wrote this, only to have it pointed out to her that she actually wrote these claims in her recent memoir. Meanwhile, there was no shortage of other people expressing similar surprise that the Clinton machine had taken over the entire Democratic Party.

12: Best Financial Platform: Sentieo
One of the most powerful and reasonably priced tools for traders and investors alike. The platform quickly enables global document search, but its real charm is in helping analysts tell a story quickly and efficiently.

13. Worst CEO of the Year: Richard Smith, Equifax
In the wake of Equifax’s massive hack attack, CEO Richard Smith decided to do something that few executives do in the face of scrutiny. He just left the building as a public relations crisis consumed the financial institutions. Somewhere Tony Hayward and John Stumpf are thinking: “Wait… I could have just quit?”

14. Top Investment Trend: Blockchain
This isn’t surprising given the massive surge in cryptocurrency values this year. However, the surge of bitcoin and other crypto prices has overshadowed the dramatic advances in blockchain technology and the heightened expectations. While the massive growth in the value of bitcoin has caught great attention as has the prospect of listed derivatives on them, many experts believe blockchain is here to stay regardless of what happens with bitcoin.


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