CME Group names slate of director nominees

February 8, 2018 03:51 PM
CME slate of director nominees is missing two familiar names

CME Group Inc. today announced its slate of candidates for its board of directors for election at the company's annual meeting to be held Wednesday, May 9, 2018.

The board of directors recommends the Class A and Class B shareholders voting together elect the following individuals to the board:

  • Terrence A. Duffy, 59, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer, CME Group
  • Timothy S. Bitsberger, 58, Managing Director and Portfolio Specialist, The TCW Group
  • Charles P. Carey, 64, Former Vice Chairman, CME Group; Principal of Henning & Carey Trading Company and HC Technologies, LLC
  • Dennis H. Chookaszian, 74, Former Chairman, Financial Accounting Standards Advisory Council; Former Chairman and Chief Executive Officer, CNA Insurance Companies
  • Ana Dutra, 53, President and Chief Executive Officer, The Executives' Club of Chicago
  • Martin J. Gepsman, 65, Independent Broker and Trader
  • Larry G. Gerdes, 69, Chief Executive Officer, Pursuant Health; General Partner of Sand Hill Financial Company and Gerdes Huff Investments; Lead Director
  • Daniel R. Glickman, 73, Executive Director, Aspen Institute's Congressional Program; Senior Fellow, Bipartisan Policy Center; U.S. Secretary of Agriculture (1995-2001); Member of Congress, Kansas (1977-1995)
  • Deborah J. Lucas, 59, Sloan Professor of Finance at the MIT Sloan School of Management; Director of the MIT Golub Center for Finance and Policy
  • Alex J. Pollock, 75, Distinguished Senior Fellow and Director of Financial Systems Studies, R Street Institute; former President and Chief Executive Officer of Federal Home Loan Bank of Chicago
  • Terry L. Savage, 73, Nationally-Syndicated Financial Columnist and Author; President, Terry Savage Productions, Ltd.
  • William R. Shepard, 71, President and Founder, Shepard International, Inc.
  • Howard J. Siegel, 61, Independent Trader
  • Dennis A. Suskind, 75, Retired Partner, Goldman Sachs & Co.

Three (3) directors will be elected by the Class B-1 shareholders.  The Class B-1 Nominating Committee has selected the following nominees for these positions:

  • Jeffrey M. Bernacchi, 59, Independent Trader; President, JMB Trading Corp.; Managing Member, Celeritas Capital, LLC
  • Gedon Hertshten, 65, Founder and Owner GH Financials; Chairman and Owner, Hertshten Group, Ltd.
  • William W. Hobert, 54, Managing Director and Founder, WH Trading LLC

Two (2) directors will be elected by the Class B-2 shareholders.  The Class B-2 Nominating Committee has selected the following nominees for these positions:

  • Patrick W. Maloney, 56, Independent Broker and Trader
  • Ronald A. Pankau, 61, Independent Trader; Owner, J.H. Best and Sons Steel Fabricating Co.
  • David J. Wescott, 60, President, The Wescott Group LTD; Managing Partner, DWG Futures LLC; Partner, Nirvana Technology Solutions LLC
  • James J. Zellinger, 72, Senior Vice President, Wedbush Securities

One (1) director will be elected by the Class B-3 shareholders.  The Class B-3 Nominating Committee has selected the following nominees for this position:

  • Elizabeth A. Cook, 57, Independent Broker and Trader
  • Georgi Z. Komon-Gold, 68, Independent Broker
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