Elliott wave Analysis: USD/CHF looking bullish

May 9, 2018 10:25 AM
Elliott wave Analysis: USD/CHF

The U.S. dollar/Swiss franc (USD/CHF) currency pair completed a three-wave decline within wave Y as part of a bigger complex correction after recent very strong and impulsive reaction up to 1.000 level. Also notice that pair took out the corrective channel line so there is a chance that pair will continue back above 1.0340 area, maybe even this year, but after wave 2 pullback which would ideally seek for a support at that broken trendline.

USD/CHF, Daily

Now looking at the 4h chart, we can see that USD/CHF is moving to the upside and is showing evidence of a bullish impulse. We see pair making a five-wave rally up from 0.9432 level which can be an extended blue wave three that may find a temporary resistance and a turn lower into a correction from here around 1.000/1.0100 area.

Support for wave iv may later be seen around the lower channel line.

USD/CHF, 4-hour


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