Regulatory actions taken around the industry.
Live fast, die young and leave a good looking corpse was the mantra of the old rock and roll crowd. AlphaMetrix, a pool operator that seemed to follow that rule, was brought down by regulators after not paying traders or investors.
As AlphaMetrix closes its trading operations, the CFTC filed charges against the firm earlier this week alleging it had violated the Commodity Exchange Act. AlphaMetrix now is denying those charges as it cooperates with the Court.
Even the bulls are throwing in the towel, yet there may be signs that the crude collapse may slowdown just a bit. Still, oil is headed longer-term toward $88, a target we have had for weeks and now is looking more like we are going to be right on target.
Alphametrix LLC, a Chicago-based commodity pool operator, was accused of misappropriating $2.8 million belonging to pool participants in a lawsuit filed by the Commodity Futures Trading Commission.
Round up of charges,fines and regulatory actions taken against bad actors
According to a statement received, AlphaMetrix will cease trading operations as of Oct. 31 and enter that portion of its business into an orderly liquidation.
On the heels of NFA action against AlphaMetrix on Monday, at least one group of CTAs is organizing to ensure their voice is heard and their interests are looked after.
When AlphaMetrix released a letter more than a week ago admitting cash flow problems, the regulators decided to take action to stem other issues.
AlphaMetrix Group, LLC, Chicago, which last week admitted to cash-flow problems and dismissed its CFO, has lost an additional two senior staffers.