The head of the U.S. House of Representatives' banking panel has unveiled the Republicans' most ambitious plan so far to loosen financial regulations, a 600-page bill to replace the Dodd-Frank financial reform law.
Most U.S. aid groups working abroad face the unintended consequences of U.S. banking regulations aimed at preventing terrorist financing, just as the number of people displaced worldwide has reached record levels, according to a survey published on Tuesday.
The Ukrainian banking system has enough liquidity and there are no substantial outflows of deposits expected from PrivatBank, the central bank's deputy governor said on Tuesday.
We've been spilling a ton of virtual ink on Donald Trump's surprise election win and its impact on markets, but we wanted to put together a "one stop," easily-digestible summary for reference purposes. The chart we offer shows the performance of each of the Fidelity Select portfolios, which split stocks into more granular groups than the traditional 10 "macro-sector" perspective that we typically use.
The Federal Reserve's carefully scripted decision to raise interest rates last December, and begin a return to "normal" policy, may now become a nightmare for the U.S. central bank if an economic downturn forces a return to unconventional methods.

Activist investors are putting the U.S. banking sector in their crosshairs, betting that headwinds whipping through the industry will accelerate consolidation among lenders.

Greek bank shares sold off sharply for the third day in a row on Wednesday with buyers yet to emerge on a scale large enough to counter continued dumping of the stocks.

Barclays axed its CEO just three years after he began the job in the name of strategic change and increased shareholder returns. This may be the first of many changes at the bank following a rate-fixing scandal.
Bank of America advises owning gold while markets rest in a "twilight zone" transition period.