Did you ever have one of those days that seemed pretty normal as you went through it minute-by-minute, but then it turned out to be something not quite so good when you got to the end and took a mo

I’m sure I speak for many when I say that after a winter that featured Snowpocalypse on the East Coast and the coldest February in recorded history in Chicago, how n

OTC Global Holdings LP, an independent commodities interdealer broker, and Trading Technologies International Inc., a global provider of trading solutions for the financial community, announced that TT’s next-generation trading platform will provide its customers with EOXLive active markets.
CBOE entered into a licensing agreement with MSCI Inc., a leading decision support tools worldwide.
Nasdaq announced the establishment of a new energy futures market with the support of leading commodities participants.
At its annual meeting in Boca Raton, Fla., the FIA announced the election of eleven directors--eight regular, and three associate.
Keynote Address of Chairman Timothy G. Massad before the Futures Industry Association Boca Conference
One year after revealing that it was building a new trading platform, Trading Technologies announced that the platform, called TT, is now available to everyone, worldwide.