chart of the day

Oil has broken above its 200 DMA.
It's still too early to re-enter the metals sector.
Higher highs coming: oil moving into a corrective low
Bear markets are done, and these are the charts that prove it.
If gold is going to produce one last pop to test 1308 this should be the opportunity to do it.

I'm going to caution traders against shorting gold right here. I doubt we've printed a final intermediate top just yet.

Both GOLD and GDX have bullish breakouts on their longer term falling wedge patterns.

Gold has just generated a long term buy signal. Look for gold to break out of the triangle this week and test the 1280-1307 level.

I have to wonder if gold is going to give us the obvious cycle top at $1200 and reward all the shorts that sold yesterday, and rew

As of this morning the miners are forming a weekly swing 20 weeks into their intermediate cycle.