Credit crisis

Dan Collins, editor-in-chief at Modern Trader magazine, discusses how the Dow has more than tripled since the credit crisis of 2009.
Bankers and investors need to ensure they don’t repeat “bad behaviors” that contributed to the credit crisis as the financial-services industry embraces greater risk, said Richard Handler, chief executive officer of Jefferies Group LLC.
It was the best of times; it might be the worst of times for the NBA. But the “Dickens” you say, what about the tale of the blundering Fed? Can there be any resemblance to the NBA fiasco?
A huge amount of air time has been given to how to fix the financial crisis. Within this we’ve heard lots of hot air, sound bites but few real answers. There is one man who you should really listen to though.
Back in the final, dying days of 2012, Paul Tustain here at BullionVault offered a little fable to explain why money exists, how it is created by banks today, and why things could get very ugly tomorrow.
If big U.S. banks are not forced to sever their investment arms from traditional banking, they will return to behavior that led to the 2008 credit crisis, said FDIC's Hoenig.
American International Group Inc., the insurer that needed a $182.3 billion bailout from the U.S. government in 2008 after failed mortgage investments, is betting this time it’s different.
Through her independent research into the global financial crisis, Janet Tavakoli uncovered what she calls massive, widespread fraud committed by a network of mortgage originators, securitizers, and rating and regulatory agencies, among others.
It only took four years, but S&P finally is being sued over the high ratings it gave to mortgage-backed securities leading up to the nation's ...
Economists can be an interesting group of people. Although they don't like to be wrong, occasionally they will fess up when they've been way off ...