Elliot Wave

The euro/U.S dollar (EUR/USD) currency pair is making a nice and strong reaction to the upside, away from 1.229 swing low, where a temporary pullback had ended.
Crude oil recently found a top for a five-wave move at the 62.62 level, from where we have seen a decline in three minor waves.

DAX recovered slowly from Feb 09 lows, but still in five waves, labeled as a leading diagonal.

Ethereum dropped into our projected bottom target zone as expected and bounced sharply, which is the first sign for a completed correction.

The euro/U.S. dollar (EUR/USD) currency pair made a new sharp drop in the past couple of hours, away 1.252 level, which we labeled as end of a corrective rise b).

Silver is turning lower as expected, out of an Elliott wave triangle that we talked about earlier today, so wave c) is in play now and will ideally continue down to 16.30-16.50 area.

Silver can be trading in a bigger three-wave pullback labeled as blue wave b in the chart.