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President Trump agreeing to meet the North Korean leader Kim Jong-Un pleasantly surprised the markets on Thursday. Just a couple of months ago, the two leaders were in in a rather childish spat over whose nuclear button was bigger and hurled insults at each other, at every opportunity. Now, they are about to make history, not only with a possible reconciliation but also because this would be the first-ever meeting between a U.S. president and a North Korean leader. Investors are hopeful that there will finally be a diplomatic breakthrough.
The initial outcome on Sunday night had the YM gapping up but dropping lower immediately for the classic gap and fade. The ship steadied by Monday morning but it remained off the high. Elsewhere, the EUR/USD was a golden spiral 263 days off its high as of Friday’s close and the open on Sunday night was negligibly lower and by the morning drifting lower.
Southern Belgium is set to block a planned EU-Canada free trade agreement, threatening to undermine the EU's entire trade policy and serving as a warning to British hopes of a speedy deal after Britain has left the European Union.
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Gold reached 3 year highs in euro terms at €1,161.40 per ounce on Monday after 4% gains last week – likely anticipating ‘Super Mario’ Draghi’s latest attempt at pulling a rabbit out of the hat. There is likely an element of ‘buy the rumour and sell the news’ as year to date euro gold has already eked out strong gains of 17%.

The euro steadied and European shares and bonds rebounded on Friday after being savaged on Thursday when the European Central Bank signaled it was unlikely to cut its negative interest rates furthe

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