European shares, the dollar and bond yields fell on Thursday, with traders using the quiet holiday period to book some profit on the rise that had lifted all three to multi-year and in some cases record highs recently.
Wall Street banks have gained market share from European lenders still grappling with a stagnant economy.
Government bonds should be excluded from the European Union’s planned financial-transaction tax, a panel of European debt-management officials said.
Global regulators are warning the European Union, United States and Japan to come together on OTC derivatives rules.
With the summer holidays largely behind, investors spent the first five days of September chasing yield, re-positioning their fixed income allocations and responding to the latest export numbers from Asia.
CME Group Inc., the owner of the world’s biggest futures exchange, may offer interest-rate trading in Europe.
E.U. countries have two months to comply with new European regulations that govern high-frequency and other forms of automated trading.
Weekly analysis of all futures markets, including stock index futures and interest rates.
With the European Commission poised to block the mega-merger, exchange leaders rev up for one last effort to push through the long-planned marriage.
European financial regulators recently completed a review of Europe’s financial regulations