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The global oil market supercycle that we predicted would happen a few years ago is becoming increasingly clear to the crude oil market. It is hard to ignore what is happening when the data in the United States and around the globe is seeing the seeds of a bull market in energy that will last for years.
Crude oil is mixed as strong market fundamentals are competing with trade and geopolitical uncertainty. If it isn’t enough to have to handicap how much OPEC and Non-OPEC producers will agree to raise output, you must balance that against political uncertainty in Europe and the fallout from steel and aluminum tariffs imposed by the Trump administration.
Crude oil prices are on the rise after Baker Hughes reported the U.S. oil-rig count fell by 7 to 797 rigs. After recent increases that might not seem like a lot, traders now know that to keep U.S. shale production rising you must keep on drilling. Steep shale decline rates means you can’t let up or production will start to ebb and fall.
Crude oil prices dipped as trade war fears went away after a private report that appears to indicate that oil supplies may see a big increase this week. Genscape, the widely followed energy market data and intelligence company, reported that oil supply in Cushing, Okla., was up 2.18 million barrels last week. The increase and the fact that some of the Geo-Political concerns did not actually blow up into a supply disruption over the weekend led to a correction in the price of crude.
WTI crude oil prices are gaining on Brent as strong U.S. demand and Canadian pipeline issues tighten U.S. oil supply even further. This comes as OPEC comments suggest that they are still fully committed to keeping production cuts in place until the end of 2018, along with their non-OPEC coconspirators and even suggesting that the deal could go on longer if need be.

Oil prices are under pressure after the American Petroleum Institute (API) reported a 3.947-million-barrel increase in crude supply This was ex

The Canadian dollar could be about to take a plunge.
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Gasoline versus oil supply is one reason the petroleum markets are struggling. A full gasoline tank, as far as supply goes, is overshadowing the big crude oil supply draw.