Chicago Mercantile Exchange stated that it has “no plans” to seek a ruling that would allow the group to corner the market for invoice spread trades, although dealers still remain concerned, reported.
Europe will formally delay new capital rules for banks, as it continues to discuss with the U.S. over recognition of the latter as having “equivalent” rules to oversee clearing houses, the FT reported.
NLX will launch futures on the three-month euribor, three-month sterling, long gilt, two-year Schatz, five-year bobl and the 10-year bund.
LCH.Clearnet, which clears LME trades, plans to triple a fee levied on contracts before the LME takes over clearing itself next year.
LSE will hold about 58% of LCH.Clearnet once deal is done.
LCH.Clearnet Ltd., the world’s largest interest-rate swap clearinghouse, had a “major” information-technology failure on Dec. 31.
London Stock Exchange Group Plc cut its bid for a majority stake in LCH.Clearnet Group Ltd. by 30% after European regulators forced the clearinghouse to boost capital.
A wrap-up of new products and services from around in the industry.
Wrap-up of promotions and moves from around the industry.
NYSE Euronext’s venture to take on CME Group Inc. in interest-rate trading is in discussions with LCH.Clearnet Ltd. to add swaps to the types of trades it will allow to lower margin costs.