Let’s face the facts here: It’s easy to blame the market and commiserate with other traders, but it’s a lot harder to think for yourself and look for the silver lining after a bad trade.
A profit is a profit, so there’s no wrong way to take yours. That said, there’s a difference in opinion when it comes to how to take them.
S&P 500 futures touched price limit down at 2819 down -148 points (-5%) Sunday evening as of this writing. The markets are spooked by corporate earnings slowing from coronavirus and the new oil trade war clash between prominent OPEC members Russia and Saudi Arabia.  
The futures and commodity weekly trading review anticipates market-moving news and highlights actionable trade ideas.
Traders were glued to Twitter waiting for any news release from Donald Trump. Twitter has become a more reliable source of breaking news.
Friday was another good day for the market except for one important market leader.
Our Monday's intraday trading outlook was bearish.
Led by Wall Street, global equity markets continued to enjoy one of their best starts in eight years.
Markets mostly steamrolled through last week’s potential obstacles.
There isn’t much drama for the Fed, they are expected to raise rates, yawn. But the fireworks are in this election because if Moore loses, it narrows the GOP slim edge.