President Donald Trump welcomes German Chancellor Angela Merkel on Friday for a White House meeting that could help determine the future of the transatlantic alliance and shape the working relationship between two of the world's most powerful leaders.
If U.S. President Donald Trump imposes punitive tariffs on goods from other countries, Europe will probably do the same, a senior ally of German Chancellor Angela Merkel said in a magazine interview.

Christine Lagarde from the IMF told us on Tuesday about the “not so good news.”

Greece needs to implement reforms, or its time in the euro is going to run out soon.

Stephen Kirkland is a reporter with Bloomberg News. 

Mark Gilbert explains why the standoff between Greece and its creditors have left us at "one minute to midnight" for the euro.
A ceasefire agreement for Ukraine raised optimism, which was reflected accordingly in market trends Thursday.
European showdown is causing market unrest in stocks, treasuries, currency, and commodities.
Greece and its creditors are holding an emergency meeting to figure out bailout conditions, but Europe isn't pleased.