Real estate

Several U.S. investment banks are scouting the market for available Frankfurt office space to shift parts of their business from London, the real estate executive of a large German bank said on Thursday.
The run-up in U.S. real estate prices could potentially amplify any future economic downturn, a Federal Reserve official said on Tuesday, urging regulators globally to consider tools beyond interest rates that could help cool the sector.

When Britain voted to leave the European Union, the thoughts of Yorkshire teacher Grace Hall immediately turned to her family's bottom line.

Private investment firm Starwood Capital Group has agreed to buy 72 properties from U.S. real estate company Equity Residential for about $5.37 billion.
U.S. office space rent is rising at its fastest rate in a decade, according to a new report.

Today, we are going to present Elliott Wave Analysis of the real estate sector and see how it’s been performing in comparison with rest of the world Indices.

Over the next four years, U.S commercial real estate is going to be a top performing asset. It will overtake equities in out-sized gains late this year or early next year.
The push higher in stocks could leave gold and silver as the temporary black sheep everyone forgets about. We may be close to that now, though based on the occasional ridicule heard in the mainstream, it is difficult to gauge accurately.
Many think that interest rates will increase sometime, leading to a significant fall in all asset prices. A version of this logic casts all markets as being overdue a collapse. Another school of opinion rides the wave and doesn’t think too much.
Switzerland's economic fundamentals look stellar and there are many reasons to be bullish about its currency, except for one – the Swiss National Bank isn't interested in a very strong currency.