The soybean market has lost momentum. The market hasn’t been able to trade and close above the key level of $12.00, even with all the bullish news of Chinese demand, tightening stocks, and drought conditions in Brazil.
Is this economic recovery real? Well if you base your observations on how far the Dow has risen since the financial crisis of 2008-2009 and on the B.S statistics the BLS puts out, the answer would be a yes. However, if you do just a little cursory digging, you will spot that this economic recovery is nothing but a grand illusion.

Bounces stopping short of anything significant.

If the retail sales report tomorrow shows that customers aren't willing to spend despite income gains, a lasting recovery may be further away than we thought.
Vulnerabilities in the European recovery narrative are starting to weigh even more heavily on the economies of individual countries, a report today is likely to indicate.
On speculation of low interest rates to come, copper recovered from a two-week decline.
Equity futures are lower by almost 10-points one-hour ahead of the opening bell. Investors can’t seem to hide their disappointment with the World Bank report.
Gold headed for the first monthly decline as signs of a U.S. recovery backed the case for reducing stimulus.
Gold stocks just surged to a major technical breakout, a very bullish omen, as investors continue to redeploy capital.
The producer stocks have been moving significantly upward over the past week.