Over the past couple of weeks,  a slew of reports and suggested crypto regulation have come out of the EU. In mid-September, EU finance ministers met in Berlin where crypto was a topic of discussion.
The run-up in U.S. real estate prices could potentially amplify any future economic downturn, a Federal Reserve official said on Tuesday, urging regulators globally to consider tools beyond interest rates that could help cool the sector.
Exchange shorts to start the week...
After allegations of helping clients evade taxes, HSBC toned down 150th anniversary celebrations.
Michel Barnier, the bloc’s financial-services chief, will seek permission from the 28 EU governments to postpone by six months a deadline to decide on whether U.S. rules for clearing of swaps are as tough as EU standards.
Banking regulators are crowding out the Securities and Exchange Commission in decisions that affect how capital markets are overseen, a top securities regulator said today.
The Commodity Futures Trading Commission, the main U.S. derivatives regulator that pried $1.7 billion in fines and other penalties from the firms it regulates during the past year, is furloughing workers because it doesn’t have enough money to pay them.
President Barack Obama met with financial regulators to urge quicker progress on implementing the Dodd-Frank law.
The rates to obtain aluminum tumbled the most in 20 months in Europe last month and retreated from a record in the U.S. as lawmakers and regulators scrutinize long lines for metal that buyers say raised their overheads.
UBS AG may be fined more than $1 billion by U.S. and U.K. regulators for trying to rig global interest rates.