I am the messenger of good news. As you know, markets have been incredibly choppy.

At this time a week ago we had a few calculations that could have and probably should have propelled the stock market higher.

If it’s the beginning of the month, it must have been jobs reporting Friday.

You’ve heard of Custer’s last stand?

Waiting on the market to top is like waiting to get out of the parking lot after a U2 concert—it feels like it will never top.

Have you ever sold cars for a living?

Christine Lagarde from the IMF told us on Tuesday about the “not so good news.”

If the market wanted to drop, it would’ve dropped on the jobs number no matter what it was.
Bear markets are done, and these are the charts that prove it.
I’ve been watching time windows mature for 17 years. It never ceases to amaze me that when the cycle matures, the news event materializes.