Performance during bad environments is key. Focus on their risk management.

Gold seems to be on the upswing. Are bearish sentiments ending and a bull market beginning?
Money managers increased net-long positions for benchmark West Texas Intermediate crude by 11% in the week ended Feb. 11
While I do think 2014 is the year we see gold, silver, miners and many other commodities rally, it is important to follow the trend and wait for a reversal to form before getting overly excited and long commodities.
At any given time, a sector or stock can experience a huge trend. Successful traders must not only identify these moves early on but also have a disciplined approach to trading them.
Now that gold has broken its daily cycle trend line, I think we can assume that the daily cycle decline has probably begun. My best guess is that we will see gold drop into next week's employment report and test the support zone and intermediate trend line around $1,340-$1,350.
Congrats to the gold bears and stock bulls! After being slaughtered for the majority of the last decade and more, they finally won a victory. Golf clap for you gentlemen. Now you can have your day in the sun once again.
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